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FREE: XDD Webinar: Cybersecurity, Spearphishing and Whaling – Thar she blows! – Spearphishing, Whaling, and Everything in Between

March 25 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CDT

Social engineering has long been one of the ways that cyber security could be compromised.

Once accomplished through dumpster diving, surveillance, pretext calls, and other methods, social engineering now requires simply sending an email. Hackers have learned that the easiest way to penetrate security is to create an opportunity for someone to voluntarily provide their username and password. Companies of all sizes are falling victim to these types of attacks because the information looks legitimate, because it is designed to motivate an instant response, and because the majority of cybersecurity attacks occurring around the US today are using these simple methods of compromise. It has become a numbers game: even if most employees delete the emails, the attack will still be successful if even one person with the right access falls for it.

Thus, it is crucial to understand how spearphishing works, how to spot a questionable email, and what advice to give to a client either to minimize the risk beforehand, or to manage the situation after the fact.

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