About Us

The Investment Network (IN) comprises a group of professionals dedicated to transforming the investment management industry. From its humble beginnings (as a group of six friends), IN has developed into a transformative organization focused on expanding the networks, knowledge and contributions of our membership base. IN serves as a hub and incubator for new ideas within the investment management industry.

Membership Base

Although we are from various backgrounds, we are united by a common bond of excellence and advancement in the investment management arena. Our wide membership base encompasses an array of diverse perspectives. Our members range from representatives from investment management firms, exchanges, regulators and related service providers. Membership is referral based-only and is free.


We are proud to provide the following services to our members:

  • Dissemination of weekly alerts concerning relevant industry events, announcements and job posting
  • Organization of networking events
  • Development of seminars and educational programs
  • Formation of working groups on hot topics within the industry

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